30 Days of Book Love - DAY 29

Question/Topic: A book that I wish more people would’ve read
Answer: Block 24 by Evan Tyler

Evan Tyler is a writer that deserves attention period. Anything she writes, I’ll read. Her writing is flawless, exquisite and pitch perfect. I still have no idea how she has not been snatched up by a big publishing house…if anyone like that is reading this post, then run out and check out this book AND A Happy Accident by this author. She is brilliant.

Block 24 is not your conventional story. There are several story lines going on at once. But they all have a common thread. There is the story being told of Adina, an Auschwitz survivor and the horrors she had to go through.
Then there are Julia and Guy and Philip.
But the masterpiece, to me, is Natalie.
God, you hate her and love her all at the same time. And to me, for an author to garner that much emotion out of their words about a single character is the earmark of a great writer.

This is a must read. Again, it is not your conventional novel and you must go into it with an open mind. But it’s so worth it.
I hope a lot more readers pick this one up along with Evan’s other novel because I would love to see her get the attention she so deserves.

Amazon link to purchase Block 24

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