30 Days of Book Love - DAY 28

Question/Topic: Book that got me into reading
Answer: Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell

So, I saw the classic film version when I was a little girl and fell in love with one Ms. Scarlett O’Hara. I even wanted to name my daughter Scarlett but it was nixed. Anyway, I ran straight away and got a paperback version of the novel and read it cover to cover pretty quickly. Then as soon as I was done, went right back to the beginning and read it again cover to cover.
I love Scarlett so much and how Mitchell wrote her to be the perfect anti-heroine. She is so flawed and yet you root for her. Or at least I did…and still do every time I watch the film version.
And that ending…I love it. I love it because it’s not your typical happily ever after. It’s the complete opposite. But, it’s left for interpretation as to what Scarlett will do next to get Rhett back. I like to think she would have do anything and been as ruthless as ever to accomplish that…and that’s what I love about her.

*Yes, I know there was a “sequel” written called “Scarlett” that was released and it picks up the story from where GWTW leaves off. And yes, of course as a GWTW junkie I read it and watched the mini-series. Was it satisfying…kind of. But nowhere near as amazing and perfect as GWTW.

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