30 Days of Book Love - DAY 22

Question/Topic: A book I’ve read more than once or would like to read more than once.
Answer: Blue-Eyed-Devil by Lisa Kleypas

There are several books I’ve read more than once. Quite a few actually. But this book I’ve read so many times it’s a little ridiculous.
I don’t even know why it is that I love this book so much. Well, that’s partially true.
It probably has a lot to do with one Hardy Cates. Gah!! Just thinking about this character has me all loopy and smiling like an idiot while I write this post. LOL
Technically, this is book 2 in a series/spinoff but you do not have to read the first book to read this one. I read them out of order and was totally fine.

A couple of favorite lines:
“I need you for a lot of things, Hardy. A lifetime’s worth of things.”

“God, it was good. Comforting and stimulating at the same time. Absolute world-class pheromones. I wished I could take his jacket home with me. Not him, just the jacket.”

Amazon link to purchase Blue-Eyed-Devil

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